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Offering Peace, Comfort and Protection Through the Power of Psalm 91 

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Soldiers in Harm's Way

                 Soldiers in Harm's Way. Donate to provide Psalm 91 Bandanas.


About The Psalm 91 Bandana

We want to ensure that our Marines, Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors and Coasties all over the world have a chance to wear or carry the Psalm of Protection in tangible form - the Psalm 91 Bandana.

We also want to cover our police, firefighters, veterans, border patrol, cancer patients, students, and everyone who wants one.

2003 Visit to Fort Hood Begins Mission

"Since 2003 when I dreamed I was in the middle of the fighting in Iraq, my mission has been to get a Psalm 91 Bandana into the hand of every military man or woman who wants one. 

Over a million have been distributed since then, but there are still so many of our heroes who need the protection, comfort, and support that this bandana brings." 

    Jill Boyce, The Psalm 91 Bandana Lady

Military and Police Psalm 91 Bandanas are Favorites!

Military and Police Bandanas seem to be the favorites. Order one or many to give to family members, the military, police, firefighters and those who need encouragement. Let's change the world, one Psalm 91 Prayer Bandana at a time! Call 214-680-7691 to order in bulk.

Get some now!


Give today to help supply our troops who are in harm's way with Psalm 91 Bandanas. Help us get a bandana into the hand of everyone in the military who wants one. 

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