About the Psalm 91 Bandana - changing lives, one bandana at a time.

The Soldier's Prayer

"Surely He shall deliver me from the snare of fowler and from the perilous pestilence."

In January of 2003, I had a dream that I was in Iraq in the middle of fighting between our soldiers and Saddam Hussein's. The next day, I envisioned a bandana with Psalm 91 written down the middle. I researched and found out that Psalm 91 was the Soldier's Prayer and that many lives had been saved through it in previous wars. I found a way to have some printed and was able to give Psalm 91 Bandanas to troops deploying from Fort Hood on the first day of deployment in March, 2003. Since then, over a million Psalm 91 Bandanas have been distributed worldwide, changing lives, one bandana at a time.  

Angels! That's what I call my customers who take their hard-earned money and get bandanas to give out to our heroes: military, police, firefighters, border patrol, and veterans. Thank you, Angels! 


Help us encourage our heroes.

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